4 Wheel & Off Road

By | December 7, 2017

We visit Murchison off-road adventure park and make another Australian outback 4×4 video with plenty of 4 wheel driving on tough tracks, mud pits and beautiful australian outback scenery.
We finally get some real Toyota vs Nissan content in a mud race and 2 recoveries.
4wds on this trip;
2 single cab VDJ79 cab chassis V8 turbo Diesel’s
1 Dual cab VDJ79 V8 turbo Diesel
2 TD4.2 Nissan Patrols

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20 thoughts on “4 Wheel & Off Road

  1. Jimoutside

    G'day ya blokes, great show–makes me want to come on down and give it a go–putting it on my bucket list!

  2. .: Freddy G' :.

    This seems like an expensive hobby.. I need to stop watching before I get hooked

  3. Ahmad Rashed

    hello /// I watched many of your video it is so usefule keep going & i hope to see some deep mud video

  4. Mamdusen Kiboko

    how much will it cost me while I bring it to Kenya my best country

  5. Mark Bergman

    26:40, the guy in the nissan (red + tray) needs to ty his stuff down a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) LOVE that tray btw. selfbuild?

  6. Joy Gilbertson

    As a woman who has spent 50 yrs in the scrub, I cannot believe you think this is challenging. Maybe if you get the gears right it will be much easier

  7. Graeman

    I loved your video of the outback. Excellent 4 wheeling trails. Would have liked to seen more of the wildlife. Us Americans can never get enough Koala's and Kangaroos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. michael potts

    the 2 decked out 79 s are a bit heavy for big off cambers good to see some common sense there


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