How to Convert Wheel Adapters into Wheel Spacers

By | December 6, 2017

How to Convert Wheel Adapters into Wheel Spacers

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In this video, I show you how I convert a set of 25mm hub centric wheel adapters, into a set of 25mm hub-centric wheel spacers. Since I installed a set of extended wheel studs, I can no longer use the traditional wheel adapters, as the stud that is mounted on my hub is too long, so I need to press out the studs that are found in my wheel adapters, in order to run them on my car.

Since the ARP studs are 35mm’s longer that the original ones that came equipped on my car, I can safely run up to 35mm’s of wheel spacers, SAFELY!!

The press that I used, I purchased from a local shop, however you can pick up a similar press that will do the same job for less than 200 bucks. I’lll have links to everything I used below:

12mm 5×114.3 64.1mm Wheel Spacers (2) ▶︎
25mm 5×114.3 64.1mm Wheel Adapters (4) ▶︎
Torin 12-Ton Shop Press ▶︎
ARP Extended Studs ▶︎
Lisle Wheel Stud Installer ▶︎
Astro 12SL LED Rechargeable Inspection Light ▶︎

Open Ended Lug Nuts ▶︎
Open Ended Short Tuner Lugs ▶︎
Open Ended Long Tuner Lugs ▶︎

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20 thoughts on “How to Convert Wheel Adapters into Wheel Spacers

  1. Mark Wyles

    Have you heard anything about wheel spacers shortening the life of your wheel bearings?

  2. B chnts

    Hey Milan can please move on you have done like 15 episodes on wheels an wheel spacers we haven't seen something new

  3. Samuel Carroll

    Or just buy wheels with the proper offset and don't be a cheap ass maybe?

  4. Steven Seenarine

    Tj hunt should use this method for his 350z how do I tag him to this vid

  5. Pgcmoore

    informative, but when possible, purchase wheels with the required applications offset. especially in a race application

  6. Vichai Xiong

    Hey big fan of your channel.. I was wondering what size of spacer will work for my honda delsol to make the Wheels flush with the fenders

  7. Zero Rokenseanethe

    This guy is 23 years old… or 90 years of experience! great videos man much support from homies from Algeria!

  8. BWTV

    hey man how's the golf doing? havent seen a video of it in a good while!

  9. Wai Htay

    I love all of your videos bro … 👍🏼👍🏼
    Keep it up man… Supporting for ya 😄

  10. Muhammad Furqan

    w8tng for a give away man 😃. but literally ur videos help me alot

  11. Cyril Matthew

    hey milan when i upsized my wheel maintaing same hieght … my turning radious increased … how can i achieve my old one


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