Trail Gear 3 inch wheel spacers

By | November 27, 2017

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20 thoughts on “Trail Gear 3 inch wheel spacers

  1. Reo White

    I think u should have saved ur money for wider wheels and tires the ones on it now just look awful . the look like u somehow put dirt bike wheels on it.

  2. Robert Murillo

    I wonder how those wheel spacers have held up. I know it's a light truck however the holes machined to run the wheel nuts and studs actually make the aluminum real brittle.

  3. tommyboat64

    Maybe these 3" wheel spacers COULD have saved the ole 80's Suzuki Samauri tipping problem ? Hmm…one of the great  "what-ifs" of history !

  4. Les Zapata

    You didn't need spacers! All you needed was to make this video wider! 😛

  5. Ken Francisco

    wow….your truck really needed that extra width. Good before and after shots. I'm researching issues with 3" wheel spacers and how dangerous they might be…..and so far I am not finding any horror stories of studs getting ripped out and people dying.

  6. rick barreraz

    or you could buy 2 inch backspacing rims and do the same thing probably for the same price and be much safer.

  7. el chankilon G

    bearing will wear uneven , never did like spacers, but on this beat up rig , why not

  8. dante jackson

    Holly shit, 3 inches??? I thought 2 inches was dangerous, this is really asking for it lol too much space between that wheel and hub is gonna put more weight in the middle of those adaptors and soon as u hit a rough spot… SNAP!!! The wheel comes off and the car drops to the ground. Ive seen it with 2" adaptors

  9. connor dubbeld

    Why can't I find 3 inch wheel spacers ANYWHERe online for my 1998 dodge ram 1500? 5 lug
    Only 2 inc..

  10. tom58c

    lug centric wheels or spacers are not bad on light weight vehicles. But say on heavy full sized trucks that are heavy to begin with and then haul more weight, then a steel hub centric spacer is the only way.

  11. ernie makil

    baha nice vid. but the beginning made me laugh my ass off
    0:05 fart noise
    0:05 to 0:09 "oh shit……jesus"

  12. tom58c

    On the front there's no weight difference to speak off.

    We have had these sense June 5 of 2011 with hard wheeling. Jumping, hitting trees and rocks. This rig is not daily driven. Off road only.

  13. loko infidel

    I have the 3" spacers on my 2nd gen 4 runner, I blew out my outer wheel bearing with just light wheeling. Maybe less of a problem with a pickup…less weight


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