Wheel Spacers – Are They Safe?

By | December 10, 2017

This video is to discuss wheel spacers and their safety. Personally, I use them in the winter on my Tundra, I think they can be safe if you get the right ones. However, the wrong spacers can be extremely dangerous! Please be careful…
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will this keep my tires from rubbing?


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35 thoughts on “Wheel Spacers – Are They Safe?

  1. Jarek Kozera

    You said a lot very well about spacers. Now I will say something for the balance. Spacers greatly increases the weight of the wheel. The wheel is unsprung. This is a very bad effect. Second, the spacers push the wheels outward and change the arm of the force acting on the bearings. If you want to use spacers you need to change the wheel rims with another offset. Info from Warsaw Technical University – the first year of teaching. Regards

  2. That's it!

    Can someone post the website for the bora spacer for Toyota Tundra 2017 pls?


    I run centric spacers on 2 of my lifted vehicles. You buy good ones, and put locktight on those studs. You'll be fine.

  4. David Norris

    I don't like them, regardless of who made them or where they are made. I've witnessed some pretty bad safety related failures with these things.
    Do it the right way, it's not worth your,or anyone else's safety

  5. Robert Mitchell

    If you want your tires to stick out from the fender flares a little bit, why not just buy a larger set of tires & wheels when it's time for new tires? I do some driving on dirt roads and I sure don't need rocks being thrown up into the side of my truck and chipping up the paint. I want my tires under the fender flares where they belong.

  6. Vin S

    I wonder why Toyota has disc brakes on the back of the Tundra yet they don't put them on the Tacoma…? Any idea..?

  7. Jake B

    I put 1 1/2 inch wheel spacers on my jeep in the front and back (made in America of course) And the spacers ended making my front end shake like I had death wobble. Took it in dreading all my links needed replaced. They couldn't figure out what it was the whole time. They popped off the spacers and drove it down the road and it drove fine ever since. The spacers were not damaged in any way or form. Just some how caused my front end to shake like crazy.

  8. Lani A

    Doesn't have to be made in USA, German wheel spacers are also high quality – although most are even more pricey. So many people say these are unsafe – reason is – they're using chinese stuff. Don't use those, disaster waiting to happen.

  9. *Ice*'e

    Had a pair on the rear of a Mustang GT. Went through 3 sets of tires. Never had issues. They were about 1.5"

  10. Jeff H

    The amount of threads engaged is used in calculations for holding force required. So, if you use the spacers that do not bolt on, and you are grabbing less threads on the original studs, you risk failure.

  11. Troy Guinn

    loving my '88 XJ. picked her up for $750 with (if my memory serves me) 100,700ish miles on it. had to buy a new battery right off the bat cause she was sittin for quite a while, but I love this thing. was on the highway one day about a month after I bought it and hit a bump on a bridge transition, she got to wobbling and I freaked out. starting searching for answers/solutions immediately, only to find out that my steering stabilizer was completely dry on the inside; not a drop of oil. keep in mind, I drove her for a few hundred miles before this happened (not kindly, I'll add) and that was the first time she gave me any lip. I could've just gotten the old stabilizer refilled with oil but being the newbie I was to all things mechanical, had a new one put on. bout a month after that I was on the way home from work at 7am, and I was pissed (3rd shift will do that to you sometimes) and decided to pull off in an old abandoned gravel lot to let off some steam. one, two, three doughnuts, and snap. haha just like a tootsie pop, my exhaust gave way (rusted out pretty good) and instantly I had a mean straight piped 4.0 🙂 8 months later and the only thing she has needed was a new harmonic balancer (the rubber bushing part was all outta whack, maybe from sitting so long, maybe from how hard I am on her). I love my Jeep to death and all in all (I've got quite a few more mods then I've listed) I have maybe.. 4 grand into it so far. she runs like a top though and if someone came at me tomorrow with 10k, cash in hand (I know this would never realistically happen), I couldn't part with her. just the knowledge I've gained and the experiences I've had.. can't be labeled with a price tag. hope I can keep that unibody in good shape and who knows, maybe one day I'll be able to pass it down to my children so they can have their own experiences and memories made (sans maybe an engine rebuild)

  12. michael scott

    Good vid, but your flag is hanging the wrong way. The field of stars should be on the observers (us) left as we view it.

  13. Julius Smith

    Thank you for the great info for a 2017 impreza sport AWD could i run small spacers for stability.

  14. Bryan Burton

    Running a 99 xj with ford 8.8 limited slip, disc brakes, and Spider 5×4.5 to 5.5 spacer conversion. I’m running Rubicon 17 inch to clear the disc brakes on the 8.8. They have been on for 3 years and 50,000 miles. This takes up the short width of the 8.8 and the wheel stance looks stock with in the stock flares. I have had no problems with the steering parts. This unit is lifted 4.5 plus the 2” wheel size required the front steering to be change over, everything adjustable from trac bar to control arms. Rubicon springs and Rancho 9000, we converted the shock mount so all 4 are the same type.


    I have late model Rubicons on my XJ with 1'' hubcentric spacers with 265/70/17 muddies , although I think I will move up to 1 1/4'' as I have enough space left over without sticking past the flares. 12 months on no problems of any kind but did use red locktight as well, to be safe. Great channel Ronnie, enjoy your well explained videos.

  16. rickie charles

    just a quick question i have a suzuki grand vitara 2.0 and with 1 inch wheel spacer. my question is does wheel spacers affect your vehicle struts?

  17. moedog5087

    Do you have a problem with premature wear on your suspension or broken bolts?

  18. J. W.

    Thanks for the good info. Awesome video as always. I'm looking forward to all the up coming videos, I really do enjoy your video's. Keep on keeping on bro. OlllllllO


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